Giraffe in front of Kilimanjaro, Earth's Edge safari expedition

Should I go on safari after Kilimanjaro?

Climbing Africa’s tallest mountain is a life-changing experience. But once you’ve made the decision to climb Kilimanjaro, you might start thinking about what to do afterwards. After all, Tanzania is a long old flight from Ireland. It would be a waste to go all that way and not experience the other side of the country.

Lakpa’s Kilimanjaro Adventure

In August 2018 Lakpa Pinasa Sherpa joined us on one of our Kilimanjaro Adventures! Lakpa has been working with Earth’s Edge since 2012, trekking with us to Everest Base Camp over 15 times. Lakpa has worked on over 15 Earth’s Edge expeditions since 2012. Lakpa won our guide exchange programme in 2017 which is part of

Lion Kilimanjaro safari

Kilimanjaro Safari Giveaway – 10 Year Birthday

  EARTH’S EDGE ARE 10 THIS YEAR! To celebrate this amazing milestone we are giving away a free one-day safari worth €300 with all new Kilimanjaro bookings from the 28th of November until the 4th of December 2017.  To book onto a Kilimanjaro expedition, simply click on the following link and go to the “Book Now” section and follow

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