Everest Base Camp

How much does it cost to trek to Everest Base Camp?

Now is definitely the time for trip planning. We all need something to look forward to, particularly something far-flung and adventurous. The Earth’s Edge trek to Everest Base Camp is one of our most exciting and popular expeditions. But how much does it cost to trek to Everest Base Camp? Is it expensive? And what

Everest Base camp Altitude

Can beginners trek to Everest Base Camp?

Mount Everest might be the (literal) high point in any adventurer’s career. But while we might associate Mount Everest with high-octane expeditions and a lot of risk, Everest Base Camp is a different story. While reaching the summit of Mount Everest is a serious feat of physical accomplishment, beginners can trek to Everest Base Camp

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How hard is it to trek to Everest Base Camp?

The word Everest has such undeniable gravitas. It’s a place that has such an aura about it, and will sound impressive to almost anyone you mention it to. But what about Everest Base Camp? While we all know that climbing Mount Everest is a monumental challenge, how hard is it to trek to Everest Base

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The best books about trekking

If you’re looking for last minute Christmas gifts for an outdoorsy friend, or want some reading inspiration for the festive break, we have you covered. While we may not be able to go off on far-flung adventures right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about it! Here are some of the best books about

Everest Base Camp with Earth's Edge

What’s the accommodation like on Everest Base Camp?

Once you’ve decided to trek to Everest Base Camp, your thoughts will likely lead to where you’ll be sleeping. After all, if you’re hiking all day, a good night’s sleep is important, right? Well, if you’re used to multi-day treks, the accommodation on the Everest Base Camp trail will feel like a real treat. Instead of

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The ultimate Everest Base Camp equipment list

So, you’ve decided to take on the challenge of a lifetime, and trek to Everest Base Camp. But now you’re thinking about the reality behind it… the training, the motivation and, most of all, the packing. What on earth will you need? Will you need high-end trekking equipment? What kit is the most important? Well,

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5 must-have items for your expedition first aid kit

There’s a reason we send a doctor on every one of our expeditions. Having a medical professional and an expedition first aid kit is hugely important. But while you don’t have to worry about the big things, there are also the tiny bugbears that can throw your day off. Little irritations can become a big

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How to find the best hiking boots

If you’re heading off on a bucket list expedition, one of the most important things you’ll need is a pair of the absolute best hiking boots. Choose correctly, and these will change your life while you’re trekking up Kilimanjaro or to Everest Base Camp. But choose the wrong pair, and you’ll be cursing your poor

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What to eat when you’re trekking

One of the best parts of a big expedition is all the food that you have to eat along the way. When you’re trekking for eight hours or more every day, you need to make sure you have the energy to keep going. But what are the best foods to eat when you’re trekking? What

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How to take electronics to Everest Base Camp

  If we lived in an ideal world, we’d probably all love the chance to unplug completely, especially on an expedition as special as the one to Everest Base Camp. But the reality is, when you’re faced with sights this breathtaking, you’re going to want to take pictures. That means you’re going to need to

Island Peak Summit

Is climbing Island Peak more difficult than Everest Base Camp?

I recently lead an expedition for Earths Edge to climb Island Peak, ticking off Everest Base camp along the way. I was also asked to write about whether climbing Island Peak was much harder than reaching Everest Base Camp. I’m home a few days now and have had a good bit of time since summit

Everest Base Camp From Ireland

Everest Base Camp Trip Report

This trip report was written by Orla Bowers, who has been on two Earth’s Edge Expeditions. Her first trek was to the roof of Africa, and her second was to Everest Base Camp. Here she talks about her experience from the food, the games, and the journey to Everest Base Camp from Ireland. Getting to

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The art of walking slowly

Written by Mike Jones, a guide who has led many successful trips with Earth’s Edge. There are many secrets or tips to successfully reaching a high altitude goal such as standing atop of Africa or trekking through the Himalayas to view the mighty Mount Everest.  These include staying hydrated, fuelling your body and getting plenty of rest along the journey.  And

Everest Base Camp May 2017 Trip Report

  A trip report written by highly experienced Earth’s Edge Guide, Louise Lawrence who led the expedition team to Everest Base Camp in May 2017. Nepal – what an amazing place.  It has always been one of my top favourite countries to visit and I was really looking forward to getting back to Kathmandu and

Everest Base Camp Report 6th September 2017

This trip report was written by one of our guides Mary Gunning of her adventures on our Everest Base Camp Trip in September 2017. We meet up as a group in Dublin Airport full of anticipation and trepidation before flying to Nepal to tackle Everest Base Camp. When we land we stay overnight in Kathmandu before heading to

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