Everest Base Camp Trek September 2019

This was my second trip with Earth’s Edge and just like the first time it went off without a problem due to Earth’s Edge attention to detail. Excellent leadership and medical backup from Fiona and Ruth. Excellent organisation from Barbra and co. in the office. Míle buíochas everyone.

John Daly, Co. Kerry. 

Everest Base Camp September 2019

Everest Base Camp was my second expedition with Earth’s Edge, having done Kilimanjaro in 2016. On both occasions, I have found Earth’s Edge to be exceptionally professional and helpful. The staff both on the expedition and in Dublin will do all they can to make the trip enjoyable and an experience to remember. EBC was truly one of the greatest trips I have ever done. Beautiful scenery and a group of people who genuinely supported one another the whole way along. I couldn’t recommend it more if I tried!

Elliot McGuirk, Co. Dublin. 

Machu Picchu Trek September 2019

I just recently returned from Peru on my third trip with Earth’s Edge. It was truly an amazing experience, in an amazing country. The scenery, culture, food, the trek and most of all the people will live long in the memory. This is a challenging trek, largely in remote areas and all the better for it. There are too many highlights to mention, I loved every minute of it !!!

Stephen O’Donoghue, Co. Dublin

Machu Picchu Trek September 2019

I am happy to recommend Earth’s Edge, from organisation to support they are top class!


John Cullen, Co. Kildare

Machu Picchu Trek September 2019

Machu Picchu has been top of my bucket list for the last twenty years but no words can do justice, to describe the trip of a lifetime I’ve just experienced with Earth’s Edge. Thank You!


Willie Cummins, Co. Tipperary 

Kilimanjaro Climb September 2019

My first experience with Earth’s Edge was so positive, it has piqued interest in further trekking! Experienced expedition leader, excellent local guides and great support from the Dublin office made it a trip of a lifetime where I felt confident, equipped and safe at all times.

Donna O’Connor, Co. Dublin

Kilimanjaro Climb September 2019

My trip to Kilimanjaro with Earth’s Edge was simply amazing! The expedition was organised impeccably from start to finish. The expedition leader gave us all the advice, encouragement and know-how to get to the summit safely while enjoying every minute of the experience. I would highly recommend Earth’s Edge and hope to do another trip with them soon!

Miriam Carroll, Co. Cork

Kilimanjaro Climb September 2019

Having gone to Kilimanjaro with Earth’s Edge, I would never contemplate doing expeditions with anyone else. Highly professional and organised, Earth’s Edge think of everything required to make the trip an unforgettable experience.

Annette Quinn, Co. Cork


Kilimanjaro Climb September 2019

My recent trek to Kilimanjaro with the September 2nd group was a wonderful experience from the moment we arrived at Dublin Airport to returning to same was magical. Jono was a true leader and put us all at ease from the start. Mind you, he could do with getting better “jokes”.He explained everything to us and you could ask him anything day or night. Your company should be proud to have him as a leader. Jeff was always there if we needed him checking to make sure we were all ok, a real professional! The porters and guides were unbelievable, the work they do is phenomenal,an Irishman would not do the work they do. How they carry those big loads up a mountain is unreal. Everything from our tents and bags, their own tents, food, water, toilets, tables, chairs, plates, knives, forks, cooking pots you name it they carry it.Everyday higher and higher and they sing all the way to the top. I wouldn’t have believed the work they do if someone had told me beforehand, but when you see it with your own eyes it is truly inspiring. I had a fabulous time on Kilimanjaro,it was the people that I met who made it for me. Everyone from our group got on really well, not bad for a bunch of “strangers”.What made the trip special for me was not just getting to the top, but the guides and porters always singing and smiling a great bunch of people. People say the Irish are very welcoming but the Tanzanian people are the nicest most friendly people I have ever met, hopefully someday I will get the chance to return. Earth’s Edge is a company that I will travel with again and again as long as I can stay fit. “FUSO IS A LEGEND”.Thank you to you Barbra and Joyce for all your help.

Pat O’Keefe, Co.Cork

Elbrus Climb August 2019

Very professional from start to finish.


Paul Byrne, Co. Dublin

Elbrus Climb August 2019

My experience with Earth’s Edge is nothing short of amazing, from start to finish every day was met with a positive attitude and the right mindset with the right people. Professional at all times from the guides to the group leader. I will 100% be traveling with Earth’s Edge again in the very near future.

David Kane, Co. Cork

Stok Kangri August 2019

Just back from the Stok Kangri trip with Earth’s Edge. A stunning, undeveloped part of the world. Beautiful scenery with some really challenging treks. I’d highly recommend traveling with EE. The trip was well organised, with every aspect taken care of. I can’t wait to travel with EE again!

Marian Timmons, Co. Meath

Ladakh Tri-Adventure Expedition August 2019

Just back from an AMAZING trip to Ladakh on a Tri-Adventure. Couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone looking to take on and challenge themselves in a unique and magical environment. We had superb support and knowledge from Terrance the expedition leader and Hannah the expedition doctor! Not forgetting the local guides who went above and beyond on a daily basis to make our experience memorable. Earth’s Edge left no stone unturned in organising this amazing adventure from an early start in Dublin airport to a midnight flight home from Delhi. Everything in between was a lifetime of memories Hopefully see you all again in 2020 for another adventure!

Keith Doyle, Co. Dublin

Ladakh Tri-Adventure Expedition August 2019

My idea of a holiday is when someone else plans everything from start to finish so that I can switch my brain off completely and not have to organise a thing. My experience of both the Ladakh and Kenya Tri Adventures is that Earth’s Edge does this so seamlessly well in the most unique, off-the-beaten-track places that I’d never find if I was travelling on my own! I’ve done a few trips with different tour operators and I consider Earth’s Edge to be excellent value for money as so much is included in the price and there’s very little need to spend much money during the trip, bar for a few fridge magnets and Toblerone’s on the way home!

Niamh Carton, Co. Kildare

Elbrus Expedition August 2019

Having been to both Kilimanjaro and Elbrus with Earth’s Edge I can firmly say that they provide an incredibly safe, immensely positive and deeply supportive platform from which a normal guy like me can tackle the great challenges this world has to offer.

Robbie O’Raw, Co. Dublin

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