Having done two expeditions with Earth’s Edge – two very different types of expeditions – both have been the best trips of my life so far.

I first did Kilimanjaro, and recently did Machu Picchu. For both expeditions, the office staff, the Guides, the Doctor, and the local guides have all been absolutely brilliant. The office staff are all very responsive and helpful with any kind of questions and give you all the information you need, plus more.

The Leaders are all extremely supportive, motivational and experienced in what they do, so you feel 100% confident under their watch which means you’re able to (somewhat) relax and enjoy the trip for what it is. They’re also GREAT craic! I’ve had the same doctor on both trips, which thankfully we’ve not had any use for, but again, it’s great to know you’ve got that there if you do have any issues at all. And again, another great addition to the team.

And lastly, the local guide teams on these trips have completely blown my mind. The level of support, the food they are able to cook and the sheer amount of work they put in for the entire team is just out of this world. They are unbelievably hard workers, and they genuinely have a passion for showing us their country and sharing lots of info on their culture, their people and mostly, their language! Absolute Heroes.

It’s just an awesome setup altogether. You go abroad with a group of like minded people, all with a similar goal in mind and you come away with some seriously amazing memories – and new friends. Can’t wait for the next trip already!

Kirsty Cully. Dublin

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