came across Earth’s edge based on a web search and when I requested to meet with them I was impressed with the immediate availability and willingness to meet up with me. I subsequently booked and went on the Kili trip in Feb 2016. I had been thinking about climbing Kili for more than 20 years and finally got to do it this year. It lived up to my expectations and more. Every interaction with Earths Edge before the trip was professional, informative and very useful. The trip itself was really well organised, there was really nothing for us to do apart from turn up. What we had to buy for the trip was all laid out for us in the information leaflet up front. The trip itself was fantastic and helped immensely by the organisation by Earth’s Edge. The route through Ethiopia was probably the most direct route possible to get to Kilimanjaro International from Dublin. The Irish guide, John, was superb and an oasis of calmness and knowledge as he fielded questions from all the group. Having our own doctor, Sarah on the trip is probably a benefit that was lost on me prior to the trip but when you are on the trip you realise the benefit of having someone in the group that you could go to should any medical needs or even questions arise. Our guide and doctor were both superb and I would absolutely go on another trip where either or both of them part of it. I had a fantastic time on the Kili trip and would highly recommend it, and the organisation of Earth’s Edge to anyone thinking about doing it.

Dave Savage. Co.Dublin