The trip was absolutely fantastic! Jono was an incredible guide. His easy-going nature put all and any nerves to rest. He was so knowledgeable about Kili, climbing and hiking in general. I feel he perfected the balance between being professional in his work as well as great craic and a core part of the team. The rapport that had been built over time between him and the guides and porters showed he was consistently kind to all. He was very organised throughout the trip, having multiple copies of our itineraries, briefing us at dinner, pre-ordering dinner at the Outpost so we could all eat at the same time etc. He arranged the renting of gear in Tanzania for those who needed it and chemist trips, market trips, birthday cakes and more. We didn’t have to think about one thing, he took care of it all and made no fuss. Our doctor, David, was also lovely. A very nice guy and well-integrated into the group. Thankfully I didn’t require anything medically but, had I needed to, I would have been entirely comfortable and confident talking to him. Very good interpersonally and a great conversationalist. It was his fourth time doing Kili which made us all feel more at ease as he knew what to expect and when.
Tanzania was great – I loved the Outpost and the staff were approachable and helpful. It was a secure and comfortable stay. The staff on the mountain were such a crucial part of the experience and really made the difference. A special shoutout to Thomas, Innocent, Good Luck, Walter, Carlos, Isaac and the chefs. I know there are so many working behind the scenes and don’t get a look in from the trekkers, but these guys were so good to us. At no point did I feel unsafe and they were great fun. The food was also phenomenal – I ended up not touching any of the snacks I brought. You couldn’t go hungry if you tried.
As a business, I adore Earth’s Edge. Namely, the transparency of the group. There are no hidden fees or terms and conditions. Your ethical stance of supporting KPAP to care for your overseas employees and bringing a doctor to care for your customers shows that money is not the objective of the company. I was wondering previously about the environmental impact of a business like this, but then your email about offsetting emissions by planting trees arrived and the worry lifted. It’s clear to see that creating an unforgettable experience is at the core of it all, but not at the expense of individuals or the environment. Even the touches like the celebratory dinner, the Christmas party etc. have a massive impact on the clientele. These moments cement us as a group. I have no reservations about recommending you to friends and family and would 100% travel with you again.
Gillian Arigho, Co. Dublin. 

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