Kilimanjaro September 2019

Hands down the most special and amazing trip I have done to date, and coming from a well-seasoned traveler this is saying a lot!

Climbing Kilimanjaro had been on my bucket list for quite some time and when I turned 40 this year, I decided to do it. I was apprehensive at the outset but must say that was very short-lived once I got to meet our guide Jono and the entire Earth’s Edge team helped to put my mind at ease. (A very relaxed and professional bunch). So for anyone out there, who is thinking about it, I would like to say – go for it! If I can do it, anyone can. With the support of the team, experienced guides who are seasoned climbers with lots of local knowledge, amazing cooks, hygiene conscious staff with regards to food and clean toilets, our friendly doctor, my fellow climbers and all the natural beauty of Tanzania made the whole trip a seamlessly amazing experience.


Adele Woods, Co. Kildare

Kilimanjaro October 2019

Trip of a lifetime! Everything was really well organised,  with great leaders who really knew their stuff. I cannot recommend this trip highly enough!


Cara Murphy, Co. Dublin

Everest Base Camp & Island Peak October 2019

Everest Base Camp and Island Peak was my second trip with Earth’s Edge. The team at Earth’s Edge treat everyone with respect and make you feel part of the family rather than simply a paying customer. I have met some wonderful people and shared some great experiences on my trips with Earth’s Edge and look forward to traveling with Earth’s Edge again in the future. If you are thinking of taking an adventure holiday I recommend getting in touch with Earth’s Edge.


John Creaven, Co. Dublin

Kenya Tri-Adventure October 2019

The Kenya Tri-Adventure is an amazing trip. I have done lots of trekking holidays before but I feel like this trip had the perfect mixture of disciplines. When I look back I don’t know how we fit that much into 11 days. The hike is beautiful and so different from Kilimanjaro. I really enjoyed the biking part, I feel we got to see the real Kenya in a way you can’t do by vehicle. The safari was amazing, we got to see so much on the 2 game drives, lion cubs, rhinos, hippos, elephants and giraffes. The rafting was so much fun, I thought it would be the tamest part of the trip but it definitely got the adrenaline flowing with loads of rapids! Julius our guide was brilliant, his English was perfect which meant we could have some really interesting conversations and find out more about Kenyan history etc. Overall this is one of the best trips I have ever done and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to go on adventurous holidays.


Sarah Jane Rooney, Co. Dublin

Everest Base Camp Trek October 2019

EBC is the trip of a lifetime made even better by Earth’s Edge. Everything was so well organised and everything was thought of which meant that we were all able to enjoy the trip so much more. I made so many great new friends and look forward to my next adventure with Earth’s Edge!


Paul Devenney, Co. Tyrone

Everest Base Camp Trek October 2019

I went on the EBC trip on 9/10/2019. This is not a holiday or a trek it’s a life-changing experience. From the first day, I rang Joyce in the office to inquire about this trip Earth’s Edge could not have been more helpful. The training weekend was so informative and a must for anyone going on a trip. The trip itself, thanks to Johnny our leader, Graham the doc and Babu and Lakpa Sherpa – was out of this world, absolutely mind-blowing, Thanks to everyone involved for making my dream come true and the great friends I made – THANK YOU!


Noel O’Connor, Co. Tipperary 

Everest Base Camp 2nd October, 2019

I participated in the 0ctober 2nd expedition to Everest Base Camp. An absolute trip of a lifetime. The group gelled brilliantly with one another and supported each other throughout the expedition. Although it was demanding, and tiring, we all started and finished each day as a group with a lot of laughter. The Sherpas on our trip were second to none. The support and help they gave us daily was fantastic. The group leader and doctor traveling with us were on hand literally every step of the way and always approachable. This was an absolute gem of an excursion and I would urge anyone interested in doing it to book quickly…The laughs, the friendships, the scenery, the culture all added to an experience to be remembered for a very long time.


Ivan Barrett, Co. Cork

Machu Picchu October 2019

Earth’s Edge made the organization of our trek look so easy. Between the itinerary, transport, food and packing list there was little to keep us guessing. The trek itself was truly an unforgettable experience with Mary assisting us in any way she could, to the local staff sharing everything about their culture and history there was nothing left wanting. I can’t wait for my next trip with Earth’s Edge!


Rachel Dunphy, Co. Kildare 

Annapurna Basecamp Trek October 2019

Our guide and doctor were so friendly and helpful during our trip, and staff back in Ireland were always willing to provide advice and help before and after the trip. One of the best holidays in a long time!

Josh McGuinness, Co. Dublin.

Annapurna Basecamp Trek October 2019

I found all the staff, both in the office and on the ground, very friendly, enthusiastic, informative and encouraging which contributed to my having a wonderful trip.

Therese Egan, Co. Dublin. 

Kilimanjaro Climb September 2019

The trip was absolutely fantastic! Jono was an incredible guide. His easy-going nature put all and any nerves to rest. He was so knowledgeable about Kili, climbing and hiking in general. I feel he perfected the balance between being professional in his work as well as great craic and a core part of the team. The rapport that had been built over time between him and the guides and porters showed he was consistently kind to all. He was very organised throughout the trip, having multiple copies of our itineraries, briefing us at dinner, pre-ordering dinner at the Outpost so we could all eat at the same time etc. He arranged the renting of gear in Tanzania for those who needed it and chemist trips, market trips, birthday cakes and more. We didn’t have to think about one thing, he took care of it all and made no fuss. Our doctor, David, was also lovely. A very nice guy and well-integrated into the group. Thankfully I didn’t require anything medically but, had I needed to, I would have been entirely comfortable and confident talking to him. Very good interpersonally and a great conversationalist. It was his fourth time doing Kili which made us all feel more at ease as he knew what to expect and when.
Tanzania was great – I loved the Outpost and the staff were approachable and helpful. It was a secure and comfortable stay. The staff on the mountain were such a crucial part of the experience and really made the difference. A special shoutout to Thomas, Innocent, Good Luck, Walter, Carlos, Isaac and the chefs. I know there are so many working behind the scenes and don’t get a look in from the trekkers, but these guys were so good to us. At no point did I feel unsafe and they were great fun. The food was also phenomenal – I ended up not touching any of the snacks I brought. You couldn’t go hungry if you tried.
As a business, I adore Earth’s Edge. Namely, the transparency of the group. There are no hidden fees or terms and conditions. Your ethical stance of supporting KPAP to care for your overseas employees and bringing a doctor to care for your customers shows that money is not the objective of the company. I was wondering previously about the environmental impact of a business like this, but then your email about offsetting emissions by planting trees arrived and the worry lifted. It’s clear to see that creating an unforgettable experience is at the core of it all, but not at the expense of individuals or the environment. Even the touches like the celebratory dinner, the Christmas party etc. have a massive impact on the clientele. These moments cement us as a group. I have no reservations about recommending you to friends and family and would 100% travel with you again.
Gillian Arigho, Co. Dublin. 

Kilimanjaro Climb September 2019

Oh my gosh, the trip was fantastic from beginning to end. I had no expectation for my trip only nerves and can safely say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Earth’s Edge had attended to every detail for us and I would 100% recommend you guys to anyone. Our Expedition leader Jono went above and beyond always checking in that we were ok and checking if we needed anything. He had some very difficult challenges sent his way and he handled everything with great maturity and care to the whole group! The local team also are just so helpful and kind. This has opened my mind to do God only knows what next. Thanks a million for everything and hope to make the Christmas party!

Niamh Gaynor, Co. Meath.

Kilimanjaro Climb September 2019

If Carlsberg did expeditions, they wouldn’t beat this one. Probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life! The attention to detail, constant care and craic was second to none. I’ve never been so prepared for any trip or hike ever. Yet still blown away by the fantastic experience that was to unfold. Testament to such a professional and enjoyable approach by Earth’s Edge, and their willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. One special memory that will remain with me forever, was when our guides started singing as we began our ascent to the summit, their energy and kindness lifted us to the top. What’s more they continued singing uninterrupted until we reached the summit. With hats bopping to the rhythm of the music into the sunrise at Stella Point – we knew we had made it. MAGIC! This exemplified all that Earth’s Edge has to offer and how they empower their team. For everything else, there’s MasterCard. We were blessed with the weather which made the experience even more special. As clichéd as it sounds – Ralph Waldo Emerson put it so aptly: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” My journey climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was one that will resonate with me forever and has opened my eyes to different cultures, new perspectives, a desire to keep travelling (with Earth’s Edge) and most importantly, I descended with friends for life. A million thanks for making this bucket list moment happen – an exceptional experience on an extraordinary expedition.

Ciara Ryan, Co. Dublin. 

Machu Picchu Trek September 2019

I came for an experience of a lifetime and I sure as hell got it. The trek itself was challenging at times but it was worthwhile because of the scenery and sights. It was a pleasure to meet different people and to become friends with them by the end of the trip. Overall a trip of a lifetime and one I will never forget.

Micheal Egan, Co. Tipperary. 

Everest Base Camp Trek September 2019

It was a brilliant trip seriously well organised and ran like clockwork with Fiona and Ruth, all involved in the group were a pleasure to share the super experience with and memories and friends for a lifetime were made an altogether brilliant experience that I couldn’t but recommend.

Kevin Judge, Co. Mayo

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