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Nuala Carroll

Stok Kangri Expedition 2016

Nuala CarrollCo.Dublin, Ireland 3 years ago

As soon as I booked my trip with Earth’s Edge, I felt like I wasn’t doing this alone. With phone calls, emails, group texts, and the training weekend, I felt fully supported right up to departure day. At the airport I met what would become my hiking family for the next two weeks. I quickly saw that we were all in this together, and that no one would be left behind, forgotten or made do without. Our leader, Aodhnait was calm, experienced and as able to guide us through Indian Airport Security as she was through the rough plains of the Himalayas. Our local guides were a wonderful cultural window into this unique culture. Seeing their country through their eyes made it all the more meaningful. The route was tough, it took every ounce of mental and physical strength to get us through each day. The end of which we were always welcomed with our tents up and a hot meal ready to replenish us for the next day. Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of seeing the Mountainous Giants of our planet rising up out of the Indian heat to their glacial peaks. I hope this won’t be a once in a lifetime experience. But as my first trip of this scale, a big thank you to all the team at Earth’s Edge for making me believe I could do it!!