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Guide Exchange Programme 2016

To recognise the great work of all our local guides throughout the world, we have launched a guide exchange programme and we need your help in selecting the winning guide. At Earth’s Edge we send an Irish guide and doctor on all expeditions in order to deliver an unrivalled standard of safety and service. They are assisted by

Kilimanjaro February 2016 Trip Report

  Written by John Healy, Expedition Leader Kilimanjaro Expedition February 2016  On arrival at the Earth’s Edge Office in Dublin, there was a great sense of excitement and anticipation as the first Kilimanjaro climb of 2016 was about to begin. The first order of business was to load the Earth’s Edge kit into the car for

tips for Machu Picchu

Top Ten Tips for Machu Picchu

What’s the most important thing to know when planning our trek through the ancient Andes? We’ve compiled a list of our ten top tips for Machu Picchu so you can fully enjoy your experience. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people flock to Peru to visit the spectacular ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu.  For Earth’s Edge trekkers,

Machu Picchu Trek

Johnjoe on Using Diamox

Many people when trekking at altitude take Diamox to help with altitude sickness. Using Diamox increases the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream and means you acclimatise better to altitude. That said, there can be side effects and different people will react differently to Diamox. Luckily we’ve got Johnjoe to talk about best practice around using Diamox

Kenya Tri-Adventure

When we were looking for a destination for our third signature Tri-Adventure expedition the pressure was really on. We are the only company in the world to operate Tri-Adventure expeditions. In the previous two years we ran two amazing tri-adventure expeditions to Ladakh and Uganda, so the bar was set very high. Both were very

Trekking in Morocco

Have you ever considered trekking in Morocco or an adventure holiday in Morocco? If you are looking for somewhere that’s closer to home, affordable, has great adventure sport and amazing food it’s hard to look past Morocco. When I first visited Morocco in 2011 it reminded me of California where I worked as a river guide

Kangri Camping

Trekking in Ladakh

  To put it quite simply, Ladakh is the best location in the world for a trekking holiday. I have been trekking in Ladakh numerous times, most recently in to climb Stok Kangri. If I could return every year I would. First impressions of Ladakh I first visited Ladakh in 2004 aged 21 to complete a

Best time to climb Kilimanjaro

When is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro?

The Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro One of the most common questions we get asked by prospective trekkers is when is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro? Let’s be frank, you are probably going to spend the guts of a year of your life training, saving, and preparing for this challenge so you want to be

Sustainability Report 2015

In February 2016 with the help of Business in the Community Ireland we produced a sustainability report for 2015 covering workplace, environment, marketplace and community. To read the report please click here. Business in the Community Ireland are Ireland’s only dedicated network for responsible business. Founded in 2000, they are a national non-profit organisation whose vision is quite simple. It is

Earth’s Edge partner with ClimateCare

  Earth’s Edge have selected ClimateCare to offset our carbon emissions with projects that improve lives and fight climate change. As part of our approach to taking responsibility for our impact on the environment we have partnered with climate and sustainable development experts ClimateCare to offset the carbon emissions associated with air travel. As well as taking

Everest Base Camp altitude sickness

Dealing with Altitude Sickness

Johnjoe explains altitude sickness Hi, For anyone who watched Johnjoe’s video I hope you enjoyed it! I wanted to add some more in-depth information about dealing with Altitude Sickness. What is altitude sickness? Trekking at high altitude (>3000m) is generally tougher than at sea level as it’s colder, the suns rays are stronger and it

Buff Design Competition

Do you want to win a €500 Earth’s Edge Voucher? From May 2016 we are going to be giving a buff to all participants on our expeditions. As modelled by Johnjoe buffs are great for sun protection, dust protection, warmth and keeping your ears out of your dinner! To win all you have to do

Ben’s Kilimanjaro Adventure

In September 2015, 16 year old Ben Doran climbed Kilimanjaro with his uncle Thomas. Here is Ben’s account of their unforgettable Kilimanjaro adventure. If you want to climb Kilimanjaro check out our Kilimanjaro page or contact us today on +353 1 5320869 or email September 27 2015, the long awaited day had arrived. After

Peak Lenin Trip Report by Rosie McManus

  After summiting Aconcagua, we had a new expedition on our minds. We would set off to Peak Lenin in Kyrgyzstan to attempt to go above 7000m. Peak Lenin (7134m) is located in the Pamir Range on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It’s the third highest peak in the former Soviet Union and the