Why climb Kilimanjaro

Why climb Kilimanjaro?

Why do people climb Kilimanjaro? The old answer of “because it’s there” doesn’t really cover it. Our guide Aodhnait Carroll explores a few of the reasons people on her trek took on the climb. Why do people climb Kilimanjaro? I’m guessing that by the title of this piece you may be assuming you are about

K2 Base Camp Trek Trip Report

K2 Base Camp trek trip report was written by our guide Ann Fitzpatrick.  Trekking to K2 Base Camp The place-names of Northern Pakistan have been alluring me for years. I’ve long held a fascination for that part of the world reading about intrepid travellers and spies, players in the Great Game. The names Baltistan, Baltoro,

travelling with teenagers in India

Travelling with teenagers in India

In April of this year, our guide Louise Lawrence took a group from St. Michael’s College on the trip of a lifetime. They went to India to bring computers to a school, teach the students there how to use them, and finally go on a trekking and rafting adventure! Here she tells us all about

Climbing Kilimanjaro solo

Climbing Kilimanjaro solo or with a group?

People looking to save money on trekking often ask about climbing Kilimanjaro solo versus going with a group. Many are experienced trekkers and feel they don’t need a guide or porters to get them to the roof of Africa. The reality is that altitude trekking is very different from a normal day in the Irish

More training hikes

This article by our guide Brian Bateson runs through some of his favourite training hikes to get you ready for your big adventure! This is a great addition to our previous guide to the best hikes in Wicklow which you can read here. “In revenge for Bláthnat’s betrayal of her husband Cú Roí, his poet

Swahili on Kilimanjaro

The most useful Swahili on Kilimanjaro

This article will bring you through all you need to know about speaking Swahili on Kilimanjaro. It was written by Louise Lawrence, who’s a guide for Earth’s Edge and has lead several Kilimanjaro Expeditions. She’s also managed to find the translation for the Jambo song, which you’ll be singing for years after your Kili climb!

Island Peak Summit

Is climbing Island Peak more difficult than Everest Base Camp?

I recently lead an expedition for Earths Edge to climb Island Peak, ticking off Everest Base camp along the way. I was also asked to write about whether climbing Island Peak was much harder than reaching Everest Base Camp. I’m home a few days now and have had a good bit of time since summit

Kilimanjaro at night

Why climb Kilimanjaro at night?

You’ve heard the stories of the hell of summit night on Kilimanjaro. The lack of sleep, the hiking in the dark, and the 1000 metre elevation gain all sound like reasons not to do it. So why don’t we take a full night’s sleep and get up at our usual time? We would be well

Training for Kilimanjaro

Training for Kilimanjaro – How to prepare.

Training for Kilimanjaro – Do I need to be an Olympic athlete? Being in shape and training for Kilimanjaro is obviously very important but it’s not the only factor to think about. A better question to ask is how prepared are you to climb the tallest mountain in Africa? There is more than one element you need

Is Everest Base Camp dangerous

Is Everest Base Camp dangerous?

Big thanks to Rob Coffey for writing this article. Rob is an experienced Earth’s Edge guide who specialises in Adventure Therapy and Education. Here he answers the question “Is Everest Base Camp dangerous for trekking? Is Everest Base Camp Dangerous? It’s an interesting question to ask; is this trek dangerous to an average, fit trekker?

Elbrus or Aconcagua

Elbrus or Aconcagua – Which is more difficult?

Elbrus or Aconcagua – Which is harder? It’s a common question, both by those who have done one or the other and indeed by some who have done both but which do I think is harder? Elbrus or Aconcagua? One is covered on all sides by glaciers and snow, on the other, gravel or rubble

Flora and Fauna of Machu Picchu

Flora and Fauna on Machu Picchu

This guide to the Flora and Fauna of Machu Picchu was written by Eileen Farrell who came to Machu Picchu with us in October 2018. Eileen’s background is in Fine Art Painting and Textiles. She was a knitwear designer for 16 years before becoming an Irish Tour guide. She’s an avid Hill Walker and has

Macchu Picchu view

Machu Picchu Trip Report September 2018

This Machu Picchu Trip Report was written by Ronan Lenihan, an experienced Earth’s Edge guide. This itinerary describes the route we used to take on our Machu Picchu Trek. We have since updated this trip to take in some extra sights, including Choquequirao, Machu Picchu’s less visited sister city. You can read about our new Machu Picchu Trek itinerary

Ladakh Tri-Adventure

Our First Ladakh Tri-Adventure Expedition

Sometimes I lose sight of how much progress we have made at Earth’s Edge over the last 11 years, but when I think back to when I started in 2007 it always makes me smile. At that time the company was me and my laptop sitting in my parent’s front room waiting for emails and

Kenya Tri-Adventure

Kenya Tri-Adventure Trip Report – November 2018

I can only describe the Kenya Tri-Adventure as a “trip of a lifetime”! It is a fantastic experience, a little tough at times but very doable and worth all the effort. Dare I say, the best trip that I have done with Earth’s Edge, and that’s with over 25 trips! The Tri-Adventure is a trip