Climbing Kilimanjaro with Earth's Edge peak

How to train for Kilimanjaro

The climb up Kilimanjaro is one of the most challenging expeditions there is.. but it’s also one of the most rewarding. If you’re thinking of tackling it yourself, you’re probably wondering how best to train for Kilimanjaro. The good news is, you don’t have to have years of mountain climbing experience under your belt in

Flags at Everest Base Camp, Earth's Edge

How to take electronics to Everest Base Camp

  If we lived in an ideal world, we’d probably all love the chance to unplug completely, especially on an expedition as special as the one to Everest Base Camp. But the reality is, when you’re faced with sights this breathtaking, you’re going to want to take pictures. That means you’re going to need to

Peru Porters with Earth's Edge

How we’ve helped our porters during the pandemic

There’s no doubt about it – 2020 has been an incredibly tough year. But while COVID-19 has had a brutal impact on our lives here in Ireland, we are fortunate enough to have support systems in place that have helped us all through this year. However bad things get, we know we’re not going to

Food on the Inca Trail with Earths Edge

What you’ll eat on the Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu

There are many reasons to hike the Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu. The incredible scenery, the sense of accomplishment, the friendships you make along the way. But one of the indisputable bonuses is the fact you need to keep your strength up, which means eating as many high calorie, high-energy foods as you can

Earth’s Edge Christmas Vouchers 2020

Get Christmas sewn up early this year with our Earth’s Edge Christmas Vouchers. Buy a voucher today and line up some adventure and excitement for 2021! Let’s face it, we could all do with something to look forward to!   If you have your eye on an Earth’s Edge expedition and you want to have

Meru Trailer Best Mountaineering Documentaries

5 Best Mountaineering Films & Documentaries

Are you in need of a good mountaineering documentary fix? If so, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve asked the Earth’s Edge team to write down their 5 best mountaineering films & documentaries and this is what we got! Do you fancy a challenge of your own? Whether it’s Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp or Machu

Kilimanjaro Packing List

What do you need to climb Kilimanjaro?

  So you’ve just booked your trip to Kilimanjaro and now you are wondering what to pack? At Earth’s Edge we have over 13 years experience of leading hiking expeditions to some of the most stunning locations in the world! View our full list of expeditions here. Throughout the years we have fine-tuned the perfect

Are you looking for work in Ireland?

Have you lost your job due to Covid-19 or are you a new graduate looking for experience? If you are struggling to find work we wanted to share some information with you that might help. Under the government’s Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS), the state helps businesses, who have seen their turnover drop by more

Interns Wanted!

  Are you passionate about adventure travel and have the digital skills we need? We are currently looking for two individuals to start a 3-month internship with us; one in SEO digital marketing and the second in digital video. If you’re interested and want to find out more, click below.

Covid 19 in Peru and what we are doing

  Peru is one of the world’s worst hit countries by Covid 19. The virus has swept through the country with devastating effect. Edgar, Maruja and the rest of our team are all ok but many of the elderly people in their lives are sick and, in some cases, have passed away. It is an

Covid 19 Special Offer

This is a post to say thank you. Thank you for showing your support through this tough time. Like every business, we are dependent on each and every one of our clients… you guys!! We wouldn’t be here without you and wouldn’t be able to continue to bring you on incredible adventures long into the

Spring Clean for the porters on Kilimanjaro

Spring cleaning the house and wondering what to do with your old clothes? Don’t fret..We will take them! The porters at the top of Barranco Wall on Kilimanjaro Roughly 35% of our clients annually travel to Tanzania to take on Kilimanjaro and summit the world’s highest free-standing mountain. We are always trying to collect second-hand outdoor

Self-isolation: An Expedition Home from Home.

An article written by one of our expedition doctors Mark Willis, who climbed Mount Elbrus with us in 2019.   Millions of people around the world are currently shutting themselves away from their loved ones, their hobbies and their work in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. For the vast majority of these people this

Earth’s Edge And Covid-19

Updated on the 13/03/20: As of this morning, all our Nepal treks for April 2020 have been cancelled due to restrictions put in place by the Nepalese Government. No other expeditions have been effected. All those affected, have been contacted. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and update you with any other changes.

Pinchiunuyocc campsite, if carlsberg did campsites!

Are you tough enough for Machu Picchu

 Jenny meeting the locals I recently returned from an amazing trip in Peru completing our new Machu Picchu and Choquequirao trek. I’m happy to report it is amazing! In October last year, I made the decision to change our Machu Picchu itinerary and it was fantastic to be able to come out and experience it