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Ladakh Ultra Tri-Adventure Expedition

Location: Leh
  • Difficulty: Ultra
  • Season: Autumn, Summer
  • Duration: 21 Days
  • Region: Asia
  • Type: Trekking, Biking, Rafting-Kayaking
  • Difficulty: Ultra
  • Season: Autumn, Summer
  • Duration: 21 Days
  • Region: Asia
  • Type: Trekking, Biking, Rafting-Kayaking
About The Ladakh Ultra Tri-Adventure Expedition

The Ladakh Ultra Tri-Adventure is not for the faint of heart! The Ladakh Ultra Tri-Adventure expedition is ideal for those with a very high level of fitness. Experience in endurance events such as marathons, triathlons or adventure races is recommended. The expedition is divided into three sections, mountain biking, rafting/kayaking and trekking. It covers a total distance of 460km.

Located in Ladakh on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, this entire trip is at high attitude and acclimatisation adds an extra element to this expedition. With a low point of 2940m and a high point of 6153m we cross five passes (4200m, 3700m, 4400m, 4950m & 4850m) along this epic journey.

With over 90% of Ladakh’s population practicing Buddhism it is more like Tibet than India in many ways. Apart from being the ultimate test of endurance this expedition gives great insight into local culture with visits to monasteries, palaces, villages and markets all included.

The five day bike section covers a distance of 276km on a mix of surfaces including tarmac, gravel, sand and large stones. The highlights of this section are the views of the Nun and Kun Massifs, both over 7000m, the sunset and sunrise at the Rangdum plains, the Drung Durung Glacier (source of the Zanskar River) and crossing the Pensi La pass at 4400m.

We paddle 95km over two days on the Zanskar River, considered by many to be one of the best rivers in the world. Once in the canyon we are committed to reach its end. With canyon walls over 1000m deep and no road access this is the most remote section of the expedition. No experience is required for rafters but kayakers need to have class IV experience.

We leave the trekking section until last to maximise acclimatisation. Starting at 3190m we cross two passes just under 5000m to reach Stok Kangri base camp at 4900m. From there we climb to 6153m, the summit of Stok Kangri and the climax of our expedition. The views from the top are breathtaking as we have a bird’s eye view of the entire route and great views of the Karakoram, Stok, Zanskar & Ladakh ranges as well as views far into Pakistan and Tibet. No technical mountaineering experience is required to climb Stok Kangri.

Why do the Ladakh Ultra Tri-Adventure with Earth's Edge

100% Financial Protection – Earth’s Edge is Ireland’s only fully licensed (TA:0711) and financially bonded adventure travel company.

All our Ladakh Ultra Tri-Adventure expeditions are led by an experienced Irish guide and doctor who travel with the group from Dublin.

Our packages are inclusive of flights from Dublin, in-country transport, a full local guiding & support team, accommodation, all meals during the activity days,  trekking permits, a celebratory meal & an Earth's Edge technical tee-shirt.

Our 21 day itinerary includes 8 days trekking, 5 days biking and 2 days on the river as well as time to explore Leh & Delhi.

We use excellent local guides, cooks and support staff. We have a strict Responsible Travel Policy and ensure our local partners are treated fairly.

Training weekend – Meet your Earth's Edge expedition leader, your Earth's Edge expedition doctor and your fellow Ladakh Ultra Tri-Adventure expedition team members two months before departure. Our training weekends consists of a full brief and a hike, bike & raft/kayak in Co. Wicklow.

We have a strict Leave No Trace policy and do everything we can to ensure we leave the trail as we found it. 

Our Ladakh Ultra Tri-Adventure Itinerary

Day 1: Dublin to Delhi.
Depart Dublin on an overnight flight to Delhi.

Day 2: In Delhi.
Arrive in Delhi. Rest for the day or go sightseeing & shopping.

Day 3: Delhi to Leh (3505m).
Take the short flight to Leh, capital of Ladakh.

Day 4: Sightseeing in Leh.
Spend the day in and around Leh.

Day 5: Leh to Mulbeck (3289m).
Drive Leh to Mulbeck.

Day 6: Mulbeck to Sanko (3200m), 6 hrs biking.
Cycle from Mulbeck to Sanko.

Day 7: Sanko to Parkatchik (3700m), 5 hrs biking.
Cycle from Sanko to Parkatchik.

Day 8: Parkatchik to Rangdum (4000m), 6 hrs biking.
Cycle from Parkatchik to Rangdum.

Day 9: Rangdum to Remala (3665m), 6 hrs biking.
Cycle over the Pensi La pass (4400m) and then descend into Remala.

Day 10: Remala to Karsha (3600m), 5 hrs biking.
Cycle from Remala to Karsha.

Day 11: Karsha to Nyerak (3470m): 6 hrs rafting/kayaking.
Paddle from Karsha to Nyerak.

Day 12: Nyerak to Lamaguru (3190m), 5 hrs rafting/kayaking.
Paddle from Nyerak to Lamaguru.

Day 13: Lamaguru to Shingo (4150m), 5 hrs trekking.
Trek from Lamaguru to Shingo.

Day 14: Shingo to Rumbak (4000m) via the Ganda La pass (4950m), 6 hrs trekking.
Trek to Rumbak over the Ganda La pass.

Day 15: Rumbak to Mankarmo (4200m) via the Stok La pass (4850m), 7 hrs trekking.
Trek over the Stok La pass to reach Mankarmo.

Day 16: Mankarmo to Base Camp (4900m), 3 hrs trekking.
Trek from Mankarmo to Base Camp.

Day 17: Rest day at Base Camp.
Rest and then go for a short acclimatisation hike in the afternoon.

Day 18: Base Camp to Stok Kangri (6153m) to Base Camp, 10 hrs trekking.
Trek to Stok Kangri and back.

Day 19: Spare Summit day.
This day is included to account for possible bad weather or further acclimatisation if needed.

Day 20: Base Camp to Stok Village (3480m) to Leh, 5 hrs trekking.
Trek to Stok village and drive to Leh.

Day 21: Leh to Delhi, afternoon sightseeing.
Fly to Delhi. Explore Delhi and go shopping in the afternoon.

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