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  • Aconcagua Climb summit
    Level: 8
    Season: Winter
    Aconcagua is the highest mountain in South America; the highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemispheres; and the highest mountain outside Asia. Aconcagua is one of the 
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  • Elbrus Climb with Earth's Edge
    Level: 8
    Season: Autumn Summer
    Elbrus is part of the Caucasus mountain range which is situated in the South of Russia near the Georgian border. The Caucasus technically sits in Asia and Europe, although...
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  • Ladakh Zanskar rafting
    Level: 6
    Season: Summer
    The Ladakh Tri-Adventure expedition is ideal for those who enjoy a challenge and have a good level of fitness. This expedition is divided into three sections; mountain biking, trekking and...
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  • Annapurna base camp trek
    Level: 3
    Season: Autumn
    The Annapurna Base Camp trek is ideal for those with a moderate level of fitness and wants to experience trekking in Nepal and the Himalayas. Our 16-day itinerary includes...
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  • Trekking Everest Base Camp
    Level: 4
    Season: Autumn Spring
    We are the only company in the world who send an International guide and doctor on our Everest Base Camp (5,364m) treks while keeping group sizes sustainably small. Sending...
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  • Level: 4
    Season: Autumn
    The Kenya Tri-Adventure expedition is a challenge of a lifetime covering more than 200km in seven days. The expedition includes five days of trekking to Mt Kenya (4985m), two...
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  • inca trail tours from ireland Machu Picchu
    Level: 5
    Season: Autumn Spring Summer Winter
    Hailed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1983 and one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, Machu Picchu is truly spectacular. This...
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  • Mera Peak Trek
    Level: 7
    Season: Spring
    Mera Peak was first climbed in 1953 by Col. Jimmy Roberts and Sen Tenzing. The mountainous north of Nepal is home to eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, including...
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  • Level: 6
    This 16 day expedition is suitable for experienced trekkers who have a good level of fitness. Towering at an impressive 6,250 metres (20505ft), Kang Yatse II is a serious...
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