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A beginner’s guide to mountain trekking

Ready to accumulate vertical, but short on skills? These 10 simple tips will help you along your way!

  1. Pack light.

You do not need a clean outfit every day! Choose fabrics that don’t absorb moisture and avoid cotton. The packing guide provided by Earth’s Edge is spot on.




  1. Pay the little extra.

Invest in good quality gear and it will last you for many trips to come. This I find especially true for hiking boots and sleeping bags. No one likes blisters or to be cold when your high on a mountain at -10c.


  1. You do not need a medical supply.

There is an accompanying doctor on the trip.  A few basics like paracetamol, dioralyte and antihistamines will suffice.


  1. Walking poles are a must.

Having never used them in the past I was a little bit hesitant to break them out but after the first hour of getting the hang of it there were my new best friend.

Elbrus 2017 July

  1. Learn or bring some games.

Card games or 20 questions are great when the group are all together in the evenings. The group really bonds and you get a good laugh at all the competitiveness.


  1. Make friends.

Let go of your inhibitions and just say “Hi”. You’d be amazed at the diversity of people in the group and the amazing stories your fellow hikers have to share.


Salkantay Pass - Machu Picchu Trek


  1. Take your time.

There is no rush and this isn’t a race. There is no chocolate cake waiting for you at camp! Take in the views and appreciate where you are, chances are you will never be here again. Take the scenery in and admire nature’s beauty.


  1. Pack a few snacks.

Trail mix and protein bars where a favourite of mine. The days can be long and while your meals are well prepared, it’s nice to have your own snacks to tuck into for some extra energy.


  1. Its mind over matter.

Yes, hiking can be physically demanding but if you are determined and have a positive attitude you will make it. Keep the negative thoughts at home.



Kilimanjaro Climb - Barranco Wall


10. Hydration is Key.

Water is the key to life and while hiking your aiming to consume 4 litres a day. It is essential for avoiding altitude sickness & dehydration. I found having a bladder the easiest way to hydrate.


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