Uganda Tri-Adventure

Expedition Type: Tri-Adventure    Region: Africa
Season: Year Round   Duration:11 Days


Expedition Information

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The Uganda Tri-AdventureTM expedition is not for the faint hearted! During the Uganda Tri- Adventure we will cover almost 300km over seven days.

The tri-adventure expedition includes three days of trekking to Mt Elgon (4321m), Uganda’s second highest peak, 220km of cycling through rural Uganda and one day of kayaking on the source of the White Nile. Each day on the route offers something different and we are always greeted with a smile and a helping hand throughout the journey.

Uganda is an incredibly lush country with an abundance of fresh fruit including avocado, mango, banana, watermelon, passion fruit, jack fruit and many more always to hand.

The Uganda Tri-Adventure starts off with a three day trek. We will cover 46km taking us to Mt Elgon, (4321m) an extinct volcano and the 4th highest peak in East Africa. The collapsed crater (caldera) on the mountain is the largest in the World.

The route takes us through a wonderful diversity of habitat including montane forest, mixed bamboo forest, sub alpine and alpine. The national park has over 300 bird species as well as blue monkey, leopard, buffalo and elephant.

Next up on the Uganda Tri-Adventure is the cycling. A three day cycle section covers a distance of 220km on dirt roads. It’s a fascinating route passing through an untouched region of Uganda.

We meet an abundance of friendly locals and pass many schools. We are guaranteed a warm welcome wherever we stop. We will also get a great insight into local farming practice and how Ugandans go about their day to day lives.

The final section of the Uganda Tri-Adventure takes us to the mighty rapids of the White Nile. Since the discovery of the source of the White Nile in 1862 this region has always attracted explorers and adventure enthusiasts.

Not much has changed since then and the White Nile still attracts some of the World’s leading kayakers today. Some sections of the river were only first descended by kayaks in this century.

Our kayaking route takes us on a journey through some of the Nile’s remote Islands providing a fitting end to this epic journey.

We will finish our trip with some morning shopping in Jinja before flying back to Dublin.

Day 1: Depart Dublin.
Depart Dublin on an overnight flight for Uganda.

Day 2: Entebbe to Budadiri (1250m).
Arrive in Entebbe and drive to Budadiri at the edge of Mt Elgon National Park.

Day 3: Budadiri to Bumasola to Mude camp (3500m), 10 hrs trekking.
Drive to Bumasola (1770m) and then trek to Mude camp.

Day 4: Mude camp to Wagagai (4321m) to Mude camp, 8 hrs trekking.
Trek to Wagagai the 4th highest peak in East Africa. After lunch on the summit we descend back to Mude camp.

Day 5: Mude camp to Budadiri, 6 hrs trekking & 1 hr biking.
Trek to Bumasola and then cycle to Budadiri.

Day 6: Budadiri to Dube Rock; 5 hrs biking – 55km.
Cycle around Mbale leaving the mountains to reach the traditional flood plans of the Nile.

Day 7: Dube rock to Nabweyo; 8 hrs biking – 82km.
Cycle from Dube Rock to Nabweyo, a long and scenic day.

Day 8: Nabweyo to the Nile; 8 hrs biking, 83km.
Today’s route takes us all the way to the Nile where we board a private boat to a remote camp on a river island.

Day 9: Full day Nile kayaking; 6 hrs.
We complete the last leg of our challenge by kayaking on the mighty White Nile.

Day 10: Shopping followed by flight to Dublin.
Have a relaxed morning, go shopping in Jinja and then return to Entebbe. Overnight flight to Dublin.

Day 11: Entebbe to Dublin.
Arrive back in Dublin in the mid morning. Expedition ends.


Country information

Uganda Tri-Adventure

Ugandan Flag

Area: 236,040 sq km                         Population: 32,369,558

Official Language: Swahili & English

Religion: Christianity (85%), Muslim (12%) & Others (3%).

Local Time: GMT +3.00

Foreign Exchange
Local Currency: Ugandan Shilling.
Currency for Exchange: EURO & USD$.
Where to Exchange: Most major towns – your Expedition Leader can advise you on arrival.
ATMs: Available in larger towns such as Kampala, Jinja & Mbale. Its best to carry cash in Euro or USD to Uganda.
Credit Cards: Are generally not excepted.

Up-to-date information concerning global exchange rates can be obtained at

Temperatures vary from 20°C to 30°C during the day and 10°C to 20°C at night. At higher altitudes the weather is very unpredictable and temperatures can plummet below 0°C. You should be ready for inclement weather, especially at high altitude. Up-to-date information on the weather can be found at

Visa Requirements
An entrance visa is required for citizens of the UK, AUS, NZ, Can and the USA. Citizens of Ireland are currently not required to have a visa. Visa’s can be obtained on arrival but we recommend you acquire for visa before departure to avoid long queues at immigration. We recommend you contact the relevant Embassy prior to departure.

Vaccinations & Prophylaxis
We recommend consulting your national website for expert advice:

Please consult your local healthcare provider for further advice. Vaccination requirements are subject to change and should be confirmed before departure.

Electric Supply & Plugs
230v, 50Hz. Plug type G (same as Ireland & UK) are used in Uganda.

For more information contact us by email on or call on one of the following numbers +353 (1) 5320869