Kayaking and Rafting in Morocco

Expedition Type: Rafting/Kayaking, Surfing    Region: Africa
Season: Spring   Duration:08 Days


Expedition Information

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Our eight day kayaking and rafting in Morocco expedition includes the Ourika and Ahansel Rivers along with surfing in Imsouane, one of Morocco’s best surfing spots. We warm up on the Ourika river running 20km of class II in one of the most beautiful and lush valleys in the High Altas mountains.

This is followed by two days on the Ahansel, Morocco’s best river with continuous class II/III white-water. This low volume river has similar white-water to that in Ireland and the UK. The Ahansel is incredibly beautiful. Starting at the impressive Cathedral rock we pass many old fortifications, before descending into a deep gorge with a couple of amazing box canyon sections.

After the Ahansel we drive to the Atlantic coast and Imsouane village. This beautiful fishing village has great waves for novice and experienced surfers. Apart from surfing there is plenty to do in the area such as fishing, quad biking, camel riding, hot air ballooning, trekking, and sightseeing in the beautiful town of Essaouira.

The expedition also offers the opportunity to meet plenty of friendly locals and learn about the Berber culture and way of life. As well as enjoying the rivers and surf we will also get a chance to sample the dramatic sights and smells found in the walled city of Marrakesh.

Day 1: Dublin to Marrakesh.
Fly Dublin to Morocco, overnight Marrakesh.

Day 2: Marrakesh to Ourika Valley, 1 hrs drive.
Spend the morning sightseeing and then drive to the Ourika Valley.

Day 3: Kayaking Ourika River, afternoon drive to Cathedral rock, 3 hrs rafting/kayaking.
Kayak 20km on the Ourika River (Class II) in the morning and then drive to Cathedral Rock.

Day 4: Cathedral Rock to Tilougguite, 3 hrs kayaking.
Kayak on the Ahansel river (Class II/III) to reach Tilougguite.

Day 5: Tilougguite to Lake Bin el-Quidane, 6/7 hrs kayaking.
Long day on the Ahansel river (Class II/III) to reach lake Bin el-Quidane.

Day 6: Bin el-Quidane to Imsouane, afternoon surfing.
Drive to Imsouane and enjoy a surfing in the afternoon.

Day 7: Surfing in Imsouane.
Spend the day surfing.

Day 8: Imsouane to Dublin.
After a morning surf go sightseeing & shopping. Evening flight back to Dublin.

Country information

Morocco rafting and kayaking

Moroccan Flag

Area: 710,850 sq km

Population: 36,200,000

Official Languages: Arabic & Tamazight (Berber language)

Religion: Islam 99% & others 1%

Local Time: GMT

Foreign Exchange
Local Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD).
Currency for Exchange: EURO, USD$ & GBP.
Where to Exchange: Most major towns – your Expedition Leader can advise you on arrival.
ATMs: Available in Agadir, Marrakesh and other large towns.
Credit Cards: Accepted in larger outlets.

Up-to-date information concerning global exchange rates can be obtained at www.xe.com.

Morocco has well defined seasons and reasonably predictable weather patterns. Winter runs from November to May with day time temperatures ranging from 20-30°C. Temperatures at night vary but can get very cold at high altitude especially between December and March. During the summer it is best to stay at higher elevations and avoid the midday sun as temperatures regularly exceed 35°C. Rain can occur throughout the year and it is important to be prepared for all weather conditions. Up-to-date information on the weather can be found at www.wunderground.com.

Visa Requirements
At time of writing, visas are not required by IRE, UK, AUS, NZ, USA, CAN citizens – other nationalities should consult the relevant consulate.

Please contact your local consular office for particular information regarding travel from your country. All visa information is subject to change. You should confirm all visa related issues with the relevant Embassy prior to departure. Visa requirements are subject to change and should be confirmed before departure.

Vaccinations & Prophylaxis
We recommend consulting your national website for expert advics: www.tmb.ie

Please consult your local healthcare provider for further advice. Vaccination requirements are subject to change and should be confirmed before departure.

Electric Supply & Plugs
220v, 50Hz. Type C & E plugs are used in Morocco.

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